AstoundSound™ Technology Features:

  • Maintains the integrity and realistic tonal characteristics of the original recorded audio when processed.
  • Achieves a 4D experience from as few as 2 output channels, stereo speakers or headphones, yet is compatible with multi-channel presentation formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS.
  • Requires no specialized hardware.
  • Adds elevation cues from 90-degrees above to 90-degrees below the listening position for a spherical soundscape.
  • Puts the listener in the center of the sound.
  • Address azimuth, elevation, distance and movement over time.
  • Can move sound sources anywhere within a spherical soundscape in real-time.

What others are saying about AstoundSound™ Technology

Robin Thicke
"As an artist having this technology is a dream come true. My goal is to always have my audience hear my music on a deeper level, so I am thrilled about AstoundSound™."

Robin Thicke,

Music Artist Interscope Records

Paul Oakenfold
"This new technology will go a long way with anyone who has a true musician's ear. The all-encompassing sound of 'AstoundSound' allows for the elements of a track to breathe properly and for them to be heard the way they are meant to be heard."

Paul Oakenfold,

Musician/DJ Perfecto Records

Steve Plunkett
"This is pretty amazing technology. With only 2 speakers (or headphones) the audio field is dramatically expanded. It makes a pan pot go to "11"! I'm very impressed that it doesn't make music sound gimmicky like surround does – it just opens up the palette for placement. When available, the Pro-tools plug-in will rock. Once you compare a mix with, and then without, it's almost like going back to mono. This could also really benefit home theater users who don't want to deal with rear speaker placement and wires. Wow."

Steve Plunkett,

Marc Anthony, Go-Gos / TV and Film

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